to The Silverhand Custom Tattoo studio.

We design and create original works under a wide variety of styles and disciplines.  Whether you prefer Old or Nu school, Tribal, Black & Grey, Photo Realism, Japanese or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. From the smallest name of a loved-one to a striking and elaborate back piece, our dedicated artist offers the same level of care and attention to all. We currently feature the talented artist Matt Stevens, who continues to build a solid local reputation for himself and The Silverhand. His work can be seen in the Tattoo section and you can see more on his Facebook pags. Also check out the Silverhand Facebook page and Instagram page.

We are open between 10am and 5pm Monday to Saturday. Please call in for a free consultation or to book a session (bookings will only be taken with valid ID and a deposit).

Walk-ins are available quite often but can’t always be guaranteed.

We only tattoo adults! No under 18s under any circumstance; we pride ourselves on our high standards at The Silverhand and always work with our clients to give them the best service and aftercare advice we can.

Please note that we are now able to take deposits for tattoo bookings by card over the phone. Call us on (029) 20 23 23 97.

In the shop

We stock Warrior Clothing including Braces, Button-down shirts, Harringtons & Donkey Jackets. Head Shop stuff including Bongs, Grinders, Pipes & Vaporizers.

We have a massive selection of Body Jewellery including nose studs/rings. Tunnels and Plugs up to 60mm. Iconic Music & TV/Film Coasters, Patches, Posters, Mugs, Badges and Wrestling Masks!

We will not store your credit card information or send you any spam emails or sell or use your data in any way EVER!